Recently, a fellow blogger (and new friend) Erin Trafford-Basquill, released a video on her Facebook page where she candidly explains that her blog is changing to include more of herself, what she loves, who she is, and what makes her happy.  She explains in her video that she is making a shift from the expectation to the authentic and that struck a serious chord with me.


I don’t care that for the past 4 years my blog has only been about one thing.  I am not only about one thing and I want my blog to be a reflection of my best self. – Erin Tafford


Erin’s boldness and willingness to be transparent with her audience really inspired me and also hit me right in the gut.  This past year has been a whirlwind in the best way possible.  I married my best friend in the whole world, we started a business together (this blog), we’ve been travelling, exploring, writing, and really leaning in to our new reality and it’s been amazing.  I feel lucky as hell that I get to wake up everyday and do what I love most in the world – and it’s my job!  I am a full time travel blogger and I could have never imagined that would be possible.


But, during all of that, I also let a little bit of myself go.  My fitness self.  Many of you probably don’t know this because I’ve kept dashboard completely (and deliberately) separated from my past life as a health & wellness coach.  I don’t feel like I hid that from you but I certainly didn’t put it out there and there are lots of reasons for that.  I’m going to tell you about one of those reasons today.


So, this is me, being perfectly transparent and embracing all of the parts of who I am.  Moving forward, dashboard will continue to be filled with travel, food, culture, and adventure but it will also be home to some more intimate, personal posts about who we are outside of travel bloggers.  And I’m starting here…with a very touchy subject.

Sara Sunset

Discovering & Acknowledging My Body Dysmorphia

I work on two separate operating systems (plus my laptop).  My home computer sits in my office and rarely gets turned on anymore while my “dashboard” computer sits front and centre in our living room and is where I spend the vast majority of my time editing, writing, and working.  This week I got a Facebook notification that said “Your followers at BodyMindPlate haven’t heard from you in a while”.


You’re likely thinking, “what the hell is BodyMindPlate?”.  It’s a community I’ve built over the last 12+ years as a fitness professional and health & wellness coach (yep, that was me for a very long time).


On a whim, I posted on that page simply asking, “are you guys still here?”.  After all, it had been 3 months since my last post and the entire year before that my presence was sporadic at best.  To my surprise I got a big response full of “yes, I’m still here’s”.  My first reaction…a wave of guilt.  I feel like I abandoned that community.  How could I have done that?  These people have been with me for years and I basically just disappeared.


Remember those “reasons” I was telling you about?  Well, one of them is that I don’t feel like a health & wellness role model anymore.  I’ve gained a bunch of weight in the two years following an ACL reconstruction and I just felt “unqualified” to be giving anyone advice about weight, nutrition, or fitness.  But, all those people are still there…and they’re still listening…and I think they have many of the same struggles I do…and I’m just not ready to give up that part of myself…so I decided to tell a piece of my story in hopes that it may help someone else.


I saw a meme recently that said “I wish I was as fat as I was the first time I thought I was fat”.


It’s supposed to be funny, I know, but it’s not.  If you’re someone who has truly struggled with body image you know exactly what I mean.  I knew what this post would be about but what I wasn’t prepared for was the stark realization that I would have along the way.  I went back to my home computer (the one I rarely turn on) and found a file called “Sara Progress”.  The images that appeared in front of me were shocking to say the least and in the name of full transparency to you, our readers, I’m including them here…something I’ve never done before.


My Shocking Reality

If I saw these pictures today of another woman I would think, “Wow, she looks great” but what was really gut wrenching about finding these photos (which aren’t all that old) was that they were my “BEFORE” pictures taken prior to yet another weight loss program.  WHAT. THE. F#$%.  I realize now how severe my body dysmorphia was and probably still is.  I thought I was disgusting in these photos and would have NEVER shown them to anyone, ever.


It was crazy.  I was obsessive about my weight.  I was extreme with my fitness plan.  And I wasn’t a happy person in this photos.  I was participating in dangerous behaviours, taking extreme measures with my diet & fitness, and turning to others for validation (which, by the way, never worked).  I turned compliments into insults, picked myself apart on a daily basis and was a slave to the scale.  I distinctly remember a man I was dating (who knew I was trying to lose more weight) say, “I don’t want you to lose any weight – you look amazing right now”.  It was a compliment but I took it to mean “he must like fat women”.


I spent so much time worried about my body that everything else suffered…my happiness, my health, my relationships, my career, all of it.  And as I sit here now looking back, I realize that it was all in my head…and it’s probably in yours too.  We need to find a way, as women, to love our bodies at any size and to do things that bolster us rather than tear us down.


Self Love Rather Than Self Loathing

I still think it’s so important to take care of ourselves, to maintain (or achieve) a healthy weight, to have a certain level of fitness, to eat well and exercise but I now know the difference between that and what I was I was doing when these photos were taken.  That wasn’t self love, it was the opposite.  It was damaging and self-destructive and I’m not doing that anymore.


I have always lived my life in extremes – it’s just who I am.  I go all in with everything I do and that’s not going to change anytime soon because it’s served me well in most cases.  I married the man of my dreams, I’m doing my dream job, & I’m living a life that most people thought was impossible all because I take big risks and extreme measures to achieve results.  However, that’s not how self love works.  I’ve learned that it’s a daily practice and takes patience and time to cultivate.

Sara Desk

So here’s the plan…

Take one small step that makes us feel great about ourselves and be ruthless in the pursuit of stopping the negative, self-deprecating, over critical, mean-girl voice we use on ourselves.  It doesn’t help, it only hurts.  I’m reviving BodyMindPlate because we all deserve to feel amazing in our own skin, whatever that skin looks like.  The goal, for me anyway, is to approach health & wellness from a place of love, patience and kindness rather than a place of self-hatred (which is, absolutely what I was doing before).


We won’t be criticizing ourselves or anyone else, there will be a no-bullshit, zero-tolerance policy for any negative self-talk, there will be no judgements.  What there will be is a positive space for people to gather, cheer each other on, share ideas and build each other up.  We’re all working towards goals but this community will be just as much about celebrating where you are NOW as it is about helping you achieve your goals.


So, what’s one thing you can do that makes you feel amazing?  For me, being outside with my feet on the ground is always a good start so I pledge today to walk – on my my own – at least once a week.  No running, no crazy fast hiking, no beating myself up.  Just one walk a week that is dedicated to reflection and self-love.  What’s yours this week?


If this resonates with you, please feel free to join us over at BodyMindPlate





  1. This! This is very timely and I can identify with all of it. This past year I have put on over 20lbs ( for various reasons). I too married my best friend. I feel free in every aspect of my life except for this.
    I just went through my google photos and found some selfies I took of myself when I was exercising and eating ‘right’. I looked good. Damn good! But then I hated my body. My belly. My legs… etc. I could never lose enough weight. And now the thoughts in my head are screaming at me daily.
    I don’t know how to stop them or change my thinking. I have an added challenge of having two children with eating disorders ( please no judgement from anyone because I just won’t take it from you. I can give you all of the science and research and statistics to chew on).
    How do I (we) ever combat these thoughts and way of thinking and truly treat ourselves with kindness , love, and compassion?
    Sara… thank you for writing this today! ❤️

    • You’re so welcome Sara – it’s something so many of us struggle with but so few of us actually discuss and I really feel like if we shed a little light on the subject, we can collectively take steps towards improving our own perception of ourselves. <3

  2. Thank you for sharing this.

    I’m so happy you’re off of the ‘no excuse’ bandwagon; that always infuriated me. We all have variables in life, and we all handle those variables in a different way.

    We all have our reasons, not excuses.

    So happy you are back.

    • Thanks 🙂 I still think we (I) get on the excuse train and use that as a crutch but I also think there’s a more compassionate way to go about caring for ourselves!

  3. Hmm.
    I am a fellow blogger who writes about Nova Scotia, mostly…so I found and followed you with interest.
    I write my posts from the perspective of someone in their 60’s and someone who loves the outdoors but struggles with bad knees and mobility issues.
    Today is Sept 1st and that is always a sort of New year to me-though I am long past the time when I had kids that went back to school.It’s a fresh start-the air is cooler, and I feel I can just maybe make some promises to myself to get healthy, not just physically, but financially and spiritually as well. I have been so mad at myself for my bad eating choices.I have never been slender and have no desire to be- but this stomach !!. This is so unbelievably timely-thank you for your honesty.

    • Susan, thank you so much for this! It was, obviously, my hope to connect with other people who struggle with the same issues when I wrote this! Happy to have you as part of our communities! Dashboard AND The Boldness & Badassery Club! Welcome!

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