Hi!  We’re Sara & Brent, the faces behind Dashboard Living and we’re so happy you’ve landed on our blog!  We want to inspire you to start living a life full of adventure and travel starting today.

This is not your typical travel blog.  If you do a quick google search of “travel blogs” you’ll see the same story again and again – it usually goes something like this:  “We quit out jobs, sold our stuff, packed our bags and now we travel the world full time – and you can too!”.  Don’t get us wrong – that’s the ultimate goal but we decided, rather than dreaming of a life of full time travel we would start small, exploring the world one weekend and one road trip at a time!


What makes this blog different?  Simple – we’re starting from the ground up and we’re inviting you along for the ride.  We think of ourselves as “curious novice’s” and we don’t know what we’re doing yet but we’re going to figure it out and share everything we learn with you along the way.  


We both still work our 9-5’s (Sara in marketing and social media, Brent in aviation), we keep an apartment, we both have cars, we have pets and obligations at home but we still want travel, adventure, craft beer and great wine…so that’s what we’re here to do.



We were both bitten by the travel bug early in life so it comes as no surprise that since our first trip as a couple to Greece in 2014, we’ve been dreaming of a life of travel together.  Join us on our epic adventure to see the world and live out loud!



To provide inspirational travel experiences, showcasing our community, country and beyond with a focus on the people & cultures that make these places unique.  With sustainability and philanthropy leading the way, we strive to inspire dreams and live free.