We are passionate travellers, digital story-tellers, and videographers who specialize in customized, unique & highly-engaged new media campaigns to showcase your brand or destination with a fresh perspective.

We Offer The Following Opportunities:

Why Work With Us

  • Impact, Engagement & Reach

    Through our social media platforms we will promote your brand or destination to a wide variety of highly engaged viewers.  Our campaigns are results driven and we take a great deal of pride in creating content that serves our audience first.
  • Investment Value

    Media has changed and global reach is no longer exclusive to the corporate giants.  We strive to provide the highest quality marketing & promotions for your brand or destination at an affordable price.  We create evergreen content that will remain relevant for years to come and we deliver a professional, enthusiastic and innovative approach to our work.

  • Quality

    We take immense pride in creating exceptional videos and quality content to our viewers and readers.  We are constantly working to improve our writing, photography, videography and editing skills to uphold the strict expectations we demand of ourselves and our team.

  • Integrity

    We believe that as travel influencers we have a duty to our viewers and to our clients to provide honest, informed opinions so we will never review or feature a brand, product or destination that we have not experienced personally.

Who We Work With

We thrive on building quality working relationships with our partners and value honesty and integrity at the heart of our content creation. We aim to collaborate only with partners that fit within our niche, are relevant to our readership and work with the following:

Brands and Products

We are pleased to work with any brands, products or companies that relate to the travel industry from destinations, to tech gear, to adventure/athletic wear and more however, requests submitted that do not relate to our niche will not be responded to.

Adventure and Tour Companies

We love travel & adventure and whether it be adrenaline fuelled, hiking, SCUBA diving or partnerships with tour operators and tourism boards, we can help to promote your service directly to those who use us as a travel resource of information and inspiration.

Restaurants, Breweries, Distilleries, Vineyards & Hotels/Resorts

We are available for a wide variety of partnerships including but not limited to those listed in the "Opportunities" section above.  We are always open to hearing your ideas and collaborating in new and unique ways to promote your destination and reach a broader audience.

What You Should Know First

We have worked hard to build a strong level of authority and trust with our viewers and readers.  We will work closely with you to determine your objectives, customize your campaign, and provide the results you seek.

Social Media & Travel Blogging has created a new dimension of marketing but has also magnified the desire for huge social media followings as a means of validation.  It's important to us to differentiate legitimate influence and vanity metrics so there are a few things we don't do:

  • Vanity Metrics

    It’s easy for social media marketers to throw numbers your way – just as easy as it is for influencers to buy followers & “fans”. Numbers can make you feel good, but can also be deceiving.  True influence cannot be fabricated and shows in results.

  • Generic Content

    We are selective in our partnerships because quality, influential writing & videography is of the utmost importance.  We aren’t a content mill and will never sacrifice authentic quality for mass quantity.


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